Less than 10% of the built environment have any architectural involvement* and over 99% are bound by preconceptions that disregard latent potentialities. UP rejects the convenience of established solutions; we challenge it to discover new opportunities. 


Imagination is a differentiator, a means to transform the ordinary into something extraordinary. UP interrogates how things work and why things work to provoke new possibilities. We are committed to look harder from alternative perspectives and to think creatively. We don't just ask "why?"; we ask "Why not?"


UP believes in a responsible architecture. Buildings that are responsible to the people that live in them, to the clients who own them, and to the physical, social and economic context in which they sit. We practice sustainability from first principals; we strive to create healthier buildings for people.


We work both for and with our clients, and are inspired by ideas from outside our own field. We believe that collaboration is the basis for good design, and exceptional design can only emerge from an open mind.


Value-adding is the driver of UP's methodology. We constantly challenge ourselves with the following questions; Have we maximised the potential? Can we be more efficient? Are we achieving both short and long term value? A project can be low cost but high value. We believe that a successful design is one that adds value.