Small House is a beautifully crafted and highly original house specifically designed to fit within NSW planning controls, which allow a small additional dwelling (known as a granny flat) to be easily added to many suburban blocks. These planning controls allow an dwelling of 60m2, or typically two bedrooms, to be added as an easily approved addition. Concieved for the NSW market, the concept of Small House is equally applicability across all Australian states and for anybody who values originality and quality.

Why Small House?

Small House is a product designed for anyone who is interested in more than the most basic of accommodation. It is for those who desire a house that is actually pleasurable to live in, rather than just a place to live in. It is for those who value design, not simply for its own sake but because it helps facilitate and make more enjoyable your everyday activities. It is for those who are aware of our impacts on the environment, and who simultaneously value the exponential cost savings of a house that uses less energy and that will save you money in the long run. It is for those who value quality, where every piece of joinery is as carefully considered and crafted as the building whole. And finally, it is for those that just seek value. Better design that does not cost a premium, but rather is a consequence of our search for simple, functional and clever solutions.

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SECTOR | Modular Residential

CLIENT | Small House

SIZE | 25 - 60sqm

VALUE | $95,000 - $160,000 (AUS)

STAGE | Sales