dom modular russia


Client: Russian ministry of housing |   Program: Residential   |   Status: Competition

 Our proposal represents a highly modularised design solution that distills and reduces a broad programmatic brief to 5 basic apartment modules. These 5 modules (representing the 5 specified apartment sizes) underpin the design of all building typologies. Each of the 5 apartment modules are comprised of standardised building blocks, beginning with a starter block (25m2 or 30m2) and then adding successive blocks of 20m2 each. Each building block is exactly 3.6m wide, which allows for a consistent grid across all building typologies. The only difference between a medium size and a large size apartment building is the length of the starter module. The 3.6m constant grid allows apartment blocks to be slotted and stacked in a virtually unlimited variety of configurations, enabling each building to satisfy the specified mix and any future mix. The constant grid ensures that structure and services are efficiently stacked, whilst also enabling the interchange of diverse facade expressions.

Each building typology is highly permeable, with openings and voids to common circulation areas allowing movement of air and light. Common spaces are also designed to foster social interaction across floor plates and between levels, contributing to resident safety, comfort and sense of community.

Whilst the chassis of each building has been simplified and modularised, the building facades offer unlimited opportunity for variation in expression and materiality. At a compositional level, the protruding starter modules can be arranged in various geometric patterns. These modules provide relief and depth to the facade, as well as passive shading and natural platforms for balconies to apartments above. At a material level, the standardised grid allows for flexible interchange of facade treatments. Material selection and detailing can be informed by price category and target market, or tuned to contextual considerations, or climatic conditions. Our design proposal strives to craft an architecture that is modular, efficient and simple, yet equally flexible, comfortable and desirable.