Chatswood Place was a two phase proposal undertaken on behalf of Platino Properties. 

The first phase of works involved the production of a holistic vision statement for the site. This vision statement clearly communicated the significant public and community benefits that could be achieved through a comprehensive and consolidated approach to the previously fragmented urban block. It proposed the creation of a true mixed use scheme with a range of retail facilities and spaces for the public, in addition to residential apartments and child care facilities. In return for a number of community benefits, the developers sought to increase the applicable height and FSR limits across the site. The vision statement received strong support from Chatswood Council, with recognition of its important gateway location and the opportunity for the creation of a city wide marker building. 

The second phase of work on the project involved the development of an alternative design proposal for the site. The rationale for such a proposal was the request by Council for a ‘jaw dropping’ proposition, which it was felt the developers base scheme did not achieve. The alternative proposal thus sought to work within the paradigm of a simple and efficient residential building, yet produce an unexpected and aspirational outcome. 

The overall approach to the site was generated for a study of the prevailing urban grain and characteristic, with a series of highly structured and efficient building blocks stepping up from a low scale conservation area to the south towards the principal civic address of Chatswood to the north. The proposition not only introduced a more appropriate grain and scale to the site, but also achieved improved FSR, yield and apartment mix outcomes for the developer.


SECTOR | Mixed Use + Multi Residential

CLIENT | Platino Properties

SIZE | 280 Apartments + extensive retail, 25,000sqm

VALUE | $100,000,000 (AUS)

STAGE | Development Application