Client: AKR Real Estate Development  |   Program: Retail / Commercial   |   Floor Area: 2,700 sqm


The proposed temporal building is situated on a large site overlooking the Saigon River. The site has an approved masterplan to accomodate new parks, office towers and residential skyscrapers. The proposed pavilion will be the first building to be constructed on site - it will house a display centre to provide an overview of the greater project. 

The structure, imagined as a glowing jewel sitting in an open landscape, hovers slightly above the ground plane. The 6 storey CLT construction is shrouded in a thin perforated steel facade that creates the illusion of a translucent skin over a matrix of colour-rich timber beams and columns. 

 A meandering garden entry leads to a discrete entry where an open elevator platform transports the visitor through 6 levels up to the sky lobby. The open platform allows a 'sneak-peek'of the displays as it moves through the levels, building a sense of anticipation. The sky lobby, opened on all sides to allow a 360 degree view of the greater site from an elevated position, allows the visitor to locate future buildings through a full scale architectural model. The visitor will then be escorted through the displays from the top of the building back down to the garden level.