Client: JQZ   |   Program: Residential Tower + Retail   |   Floor Area: 17,000 sqm   

Team: Arup, Luke+Delia, Hessiandesign


2016 Sydney Design Silver Award

52 O'dea Avenue, Waterloo was an invited design excellence competition held by City of Sydney for a new residential building on behalf of developer JQZ. The site is located at the junction of two newly created civic avenues, and is bounded on one side by a new community park for local residents. The proposed scheme included 198 high quality apartments in addition to significant retail spaces and amenities for residents.

The UP response to the site and the brief was premised around 3 key moves. The first was the creation of a new garden terrace that responded to a clearly defined 6 storey horizontal datum to adjacent buildings.

The second move revolved around the varied orientation of the building components. The lower levels of the building were orientated to east and west, to take advantage of the outlook to the park and Avenue. The upper building component was then rotated 90 degrees, such that it was facing directly north. This not only maximised solar access to a great number of apartments, but also took advantage of prime city views at higher levels. 

The third move was the further sculpting of the overall form to maximise views, sun access, amenity and individual apartment value.

The scheme was cited for its excellent urban response, clear sense of identity, and for the outstanding amenity achieve for all apartments.