CLIENT | Centuria Property Fund

STAGE | Concept Proposal

VALUE | $500,000,000


A concept proposal for a prime central city site at 175 Castlereagh Street, Sydney. The proposal includes a 10 storey boutique hotel at the base of the building with a slender 40 storey residential tower rising above.  Unlike previous proposals for the site, the UP scheme  orients the residential tower to the east such that it wholly engages with the spectacular outlook over  Hyde Park, the inner harbor and the eastern suburbs and ensures every single apartment has an unrestricted outlook. The tower form is shaped by the constraints that define it - fluted side walls to the north and south that respond to particular boundary conditions and an eastern face that is triangulated at the corners in response to a solar access plane that maintains sunlight to the public domain and green space of Hyde Park

The form of the building base, responding to two distinct podium heights on either side, has been resolved as a series of stepped terraces that create a contextually appropriate and dynamic street wall. Each stepped terrace provides the opportunity for hotel amenities, with a sequence of internal and external spaces that engage simultaneously with both the street and the city skyline. A north facing courtyard has been carved out to the rear of the site and provides a unique public respite in what is an otherwise very dense urban environment.  

Together, these maneuvers  have created a proposal for a singular building that is highly rationale, elegant, tuned by its contextual constraints, and that most importantly maximises the latent possibilities of the site and hence the value of the project.